Buying Guideline Compliance

A buying guideline compliance audit can measure exceptions and violations to your buying specifications. Some media buys may have commercial messages in violation of basic guidelines such as double spotting within a program or competitive separation within a pod/break. While not all guideline violations will lead to recovery or makegoods, it is important to identify and reduce them over time. Agencies check invoices before payment, but many guideline violations go undetected. An independent check in this area is required for proper governance of media buys.

What we typically look for during a buying guideline compliance audit:

  • Double spotting within the same episode
  • Competitive separation within a pod/break
  • Separation between a company’s own competitive brands
  • Airing in restricted programming
  • Airing out of flight or in restricted time periods (e.g.: after 1am)

Advertisers will have their own guidelines based on their individual needs. Cortex Media uses its proprietary system for this type of audit and can program any specific guideline for detection as required.