Agency Compensation & Contracts

Cortex Media can support your procurement team with in-depth experience on commercial terms related to media and industry practices. We can help determine the right compensation structure, including KPIs and performance pay. Cortex Media maintains a database of media agency costs for different functions to help you negotiate the most competitive compensation levels.


  • Establishing agency compensation
    • Performance Related Incentive Program (PRIP) selecting the right KPIs, establishing goals and tracking of agency performance
    • Compensation for digital media services display, search, social, and mobile
    • Compensation for additional agency services ad-hoc research, modeling, ROI, below the line, etc.
    • Establishing media agency evaluation systems
  • Review and analysis of agency contracts vs. industry best practices
    • IP ownership of agency work product such as strategies, plans and negotiated rates
    • Billing and payment terms
    • Right to all discounts and benefits provided by the media
    • Transparency by agency brokering, barter, and Agency Volume Bonuses (AVBs) where applicable
    • Right to audit
    • Ensuring that contracts are executable, measurable, and easy to maintain over time