Cortex Media has audited directly $10Bn+ USD in media investment during the last two years.


Cortex Media has a proprietary cost benchmark pool for the US of more than $5 billion in media investment.


Cortex Media supports advertisers establishing transparent contracts with agencies including best practices in the industry for the improvement of ROI and accountability.


Cortex Media manages US and International agency selection processes, including agency contracts for multibillion budgets.

Media Auditing

Cortex provides media auditing and consulting services to increase media ROI and agency accountability. We support advertisers with the deployment of best practices to increase efficiency and improve governance, while encouraging innovative and creative thinking from agencies.

Leading Global
Media Auditor

Cortex Media provides services to clients across the globe. We are a leading media audit provider in the US and the Key International Markets.

Experts in media agency
relationship management

We help you get maximum value from your agency through services like agency pitch management and selection; compensation negotiation and agreements support; contract development.

Seasoned in media
management processes

Our services help you maximize the contribution of media to the business by ensuring you agency delivers on its commitments and helps you get the best possible negotiations for your investment levels.

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The client/agency relationship's foundation is built upon the long-form contract that is memorialized between the two parties. This is the key document where, among other things, an advertiser's rights regarding transparency and work product / data ownership are established.

How Are You Managing Your Investment on Facebook?

According to an Advertiser Perceptions study reported last month by Ad Age, 40% of marketers say they plan to conduct an audit of their Facebook business this year. This is amid growing concern surrounding such issues as fake news, fraud and misleading metrics.

10 Key Learnings of Conducting a Financial Audit of Your Media Agency

The term "transparency" has now become a part of any discussion as it relates to client/agency relationships. From the ANA/K2 report from in June to countless other articles and blogs, the term "AVB" has been brought into focus in the US media agency discussion and it is not going away any time soon.