Media Agency Search

Selecting a media agency requires a consultant with the expertise to accurately evaluate agency capabilities and media costs. While there are many qualified agency search consultants, few have Cortex Media's depth of knowledge required to support procurement and marketing with a media agency search.

A well-managed search process will provide the necessary data to establish clear cost and quality KPIs for the agency that can be tied to PRIP (Performance Related Incentive Program).

Our media agency search process includes:

  • Complete agency selection process support in adherence to client's procurement processes
  • Evaluation/determination of client needs and support in selecting best-in-class suppliers
  • Agency screening
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of agency capabilities and media cost submissions
  • Evaluation of compensation proposals vs. scope of work
  • Selection and negotiation support
  • Contracts and transition support
  • Set-up of KPIs and agency evaluation systems